Where to go on your Hong Kong junk trip

Are you looking for the perfect destination for your Hong Kong junk trip? There are approximately 50 beaches scattered over the Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories that are safe to swim. So with summer upon us, what better excuse to get off the beaten track at the weekend and see another side of this amazing city that we live in? 

Hong Kong Yachting (hongkongyachting.com) has the boat hire scene cornered, with a fleet that includes traditional junkssailing yachts and cruisers. The flagship junk boats fleet, Jungle Jane (which carries 45 people) and Tarzan (55 people), provide the best boat party in Hong Kong. “We added a giant inflatable game of [board game] Twister to the fun and an inflatable slide,” says yachting manager Angus Harris, who sailed more than 5,000 nautical miles to bring Jungle Jane and Tarzan from Australia to its new home in Hong Kong. The boats boast day beds, beanbags, inflatables, sophisticated sound systems and a fully serviced bar.

Hong Kong Yachting run hundreds of junk parties a years and here are their recommendations for the top beaches for junk parties an boat charters.

South Bay Beach


The South Bay Beach is one of the most chosen destinations for Hong Kong junk goers. South Bay Beach is a great alternative to the more popular and crowded beaches in the area and although this is still a popular junk trip destination you can still have plenty of space and the are is glass flat at times for wakeboarding and banana boating, a popular add on for junk trips. South Bay is also perfect because the drive from Central Pier 10 (the most popular pick up location) is not too long compared to many other beaches and this means you get more time on the boat, swimming, eating, drinking and enjoying the day, rather than travelling to and from your destination.

Clearwater Bay

Clearwater Bay is a bay on the eastern shore of Clearwater Bay Peninsula of Hong Kong, located within Clearwater Bay Country Park. Clearwater Bay’s pristine sand and sparkling waters are positively tropical. There’s a great view of the nearby country park’s craggy mountains and the sharp tip of High Junk Peak, making this spot picture perfect. If you want to head to Clearwater Bay we suggest getting on you Hong Kong junk at Sai Kung and not Central for two reasons. A) boats charge extra fuel charge from Central, normally around HK$3000 and B) you will spend at least 2 hours travelling on the boat each way between Central and Clearwater Bay. It’s a beautiful destination and well worth the extra cost and travel time but skip that by getting on the junk at Sai Kung. Clearwater Bay is the perfect destination if you want some more privacy and relaxation on your boat trip.

Nam Fung Wan (Millionaire’s Beach)

Pristine waters are the big attraction of this popular junk boat destination in Sai Kung Country Park. It’s great for snorkeling, while adventure seekers can explore the freshwater lagoons and hidden coves. Warning: this bay can get busy during high season for junk trips. This is one of the most popular destinations for junk boat parties so if you want to be amongst the action, loud music systems and people swimming between junks then this is the perfect junk party destination for you. Millionaire’s Bay is not a destination if you prefer a bit of privacy and tranquility.

Tai Long Wan

Tai Long Wan is a 3 kilometer-wide bay on the east coast of the Sai Kung Peninsula in Hong Kong. Considered one of the most beautiful places in Hong Kong, it is a popular surf destination. Again this destination you are better to board your boat trip from Sai Kung to save the extra fuel charge and travelling time. Also please note that due the the fact this bay sometimes gets big waves there will be times of the year that Hong Kong Yachting do not suggest you go there. However on the perfect lazy days on the boat in Tai Long Wan this can be an amazing destination.

Turtle Cove Beach, Lamma Island


Turtle Cove located in Lamma Island id one of Hong Kong Yachting’s favorite destinations for a Hong Kong junk boat party. This hidden cove has the beach closed to visitors for half the year so that turtles have a chance to nest, access by foot involves an hour or so of walking along the southern side of Lamma Island, but Hong Kong junks don’t need to worry about this because you can enjoy the bay without the extra effort of hiking to get there and you are not restricted on the ocean (you just can’t swim to the beach). However please note if you would like to go wake boarding or banana boating this is not the destination to do this. Remember this is a turtle sanctuary and we want to keep it this way.

Deep Water Bay

Deep Water Bay is a bay and residential area on the southern shore of Hong Kong Island in Hong Kong. The bay is surrounded by Shouson Hill, Brick Hill, Violet Hill and Middle Island. Stretches of fine golden sand and azure waters makes Deep Water Bay a popular beach for a day out. Hong Kong Yachting suggest this beach for your boat trip if you prefer more time at the beach and less travelling, especially if you have inflatables on your junk and/or a speedboat. Just 45 minutes from Central and 15 minutes from Aberdeen by boat you can maximize you time with the toys instead of hearing a loud boat engine drumming away. The smartest Hong Kong junk party goers end up here.

Po Toi Island

Po Toi Beach lies just three kilometres off the southeastern tip of Hong Kong Island, Po Toi is one of those places that are easily overlooked when planning a boating outing. It is the southernmost island within Hong Kong boundaries. This is the main island of the Po Toi Islands group, which is made up of ten small islands. While the beach isn’t the best, the seafood is and we highly recommend this as one of your destinations on a boat trip if you would like to have the best lunch ever!!! The seafood is in our mind the best seafood in Hong Kong. Your junk boat can drop you off at the wharf and you can enjoy a scrumptious seafood lunch and then motor back to South Bay, Deep Water Bay or Turtle cove for an afternoon of swimming.

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