Inflatable Toys


Inflatable toys on Tarzan/ Jungle Jane

These toys are available on Jungle Jane and Tarzan boats only, however some other boats also come with inflatables.

Complimentary Toys

Inflatable Slide

The custom made inflatable slide comes complimentary with every charter (day charters only) on Jungle Jane and Tarzan and is always the hit of the party.

Inflatable Trampoline

This versatile trampoline can also be used as a pool (upside down) for those who like to chill and float/drink in the water rather than take the energetic route.

Optional Inflatables

Deck Pool +$1,500

Great fun for those who like to chill out on the deck in the water. This pool is popular for adults and kids alike and especially popular when there are young kids who need water supervision. It’s much easier to watch them in this pool than in the ocean. Capacity 10 people

Floating Twister +$2,000

If you know the board game you will understand why this game is so much fun. Play the game of simply relax on this huge floating board game. The largest of all the inflatables can fit up to 10-12 people. (depending on how close you want to be)

Floating lounge- 4 pax +$800

Chill out floating with a drink in hand with this 4 person floating lounge

Floating lounge- 8 pax +$1,200

Upgrade to the 8 person floating lounge for more space and fun

Giant Unicorn +$1,800

Seriously good fun, this giant unicorn is on a whole new scale of inflatable toys! This unicorn comfortably seats 10 people.

Giant Flamingo +$1,800

The giant pink flamingo is on a whole new scale of inflatable toys! This flamingo can comfort for 10 people.

Optional Speedboat +$3800

Speedboat rental includes wakeboarding and banana boating for 4 hours of engine time 


Add a speedboat to your boat trip and we’ll include wakeboarding boards and life jackets.

Banana Boating

Banana Boating creates lots of laughter and splashes! This activity is for all daredevils.