Capacity 42

Packages inc food, drinks, waitress $780


  • Capacity 42
  • All inclusive package $780
  • Catering packages $110
  • Drinks packages $220
  • A typical large junk in Hong Kong
  • Large open upper deck to catch the rays of sunshine
  • A large undercover back deck can let you catch up with friends and family

Charter Time

  • Day: 10.30am-5.30pm
  • Evening: 7-11pm
  • Custom: Please enquire

All Inclusive Packages (min 30)

Food & Drinks Packages

  • Add drinks +$220/person
  • Add food +$110/person
  • See packages

Boat Rental Includes

  • Ice

Optional Extras

  • Speedboat +$4,500
  • Waitress +$1,200


  • Ice boxes
  • Outdoor shower
  • Oven & Microwave
  • Sound system- plug into your mobile
  • Television
  • Air conditioner
  • Fridge

Pearl is a large boat and your typical Hong Kong junk, so what better way to experience the Hong Kong boating scene on a local junk. With Pearl’s large, open upper deck she comfortably fits more people than your regular junk. She has an open front area to catch the rays of sunshine, or if you prefer the shade, she has a large undercover back deck where you can sit down and catch up with friends and family over some good food and drinks.

What to Expect

If you’re looking for a junk with a little more space than usual then Pearl is a great choice. Able to accommodate up to 45 people, she is a junk for large parties and gatherings.

Packages Available

Day Package:Traditional Junk Boat Package

Package A: Island seafood menu
– $780/person Po Toi Island seafood menu and drinks
– $780/person Lamma Island seafood menu and drinks
Includes: boat, island seafood menu and drinks package

Package B: Buffet
– $780/person Thai menu and drinks
– $780/person Fusion menu and drinks
Includes: boat, Thai menu or Fusion menu and drinks package

Evening Package:Harbour Cruise Package

Package A: Luxury Canapes
– $780/person
Includes: boat, waitress, luxury canapes menu and drinks package

Package B: Cocktail Menu with Chef
– $780/person
Includes: boat, waitress cocktail menu with chef and drinks package

Package C: Buffet
– $780/person Thai menu and drinks.
– $780/person Fusion menu and drinks
Includes: boat, waitress, Thai menu or Fusion menu, drinks package


All packages are available for children and $100 discount is provided for kids under 18 years old

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