Planning a Family Boat Trip – Tips For Yacht Charter With Kids in Hong Kong

There can’t be a better way to entertain and delight your kids than having fun in Hong Kong waters! Think about it, you could be approaching or even exceeding the cost of a private yacht charter to stay a few days at a resort or theme park. That’s why, for many of our guests, it’s the family yacht charter that makes it more appealing than any big soiree. A family yacht charter experience provides you the advantage of combining a relaxing day put with the best water toys and onboard entertainment facilities that will keep your kids amused and engrossed all the time.

A family yacht charter could be at the top of your mind but not all yachts are family-friendly. So, we have come up with some useful tips that will help you select the best yacht charter for your kids and near & dear ones.  

Tips to book a family yacht charter with kids

  • Choose a yacht with kids’ friendly features like sea toys, safety nets, play areas with cabins to comfortably accommodate all.
  • If you have toddlers, ensure that the boat has safety nets and gates to keep them safe and away from the restricted areas. Your charter needs to have an enclosed deck as well to prevent accidents with your kids.
  • Sail to a nearby beach destination such as South Bay or Clearwater Bay that will not only reduce the chances of the kids feeling being cooped up, but also will allow you to have more time for swimming and games at anchor. These destinations are filled with plenty of activities for kids to enjoy as well as clean water.
  • Choose a boat with air conditioning if your kids are young enough to need a midday sleep.
  • On a kid friendly yacht charter, the crew goes the extra mile to accommodate your specific needs.
  • Part of looking for a family-friendly yacht charter is to select a yacht with onboard entertainment systems such as video games, karaoke and also water slides and water toys like noodles or inflatable swimming pools.
  • Some boats may have crew members with nanny qualifications but that doesn’t mean that they will be full-time nannies! However, they can certainly make the experience more enjoyable for your kids by moving furniture to create safe play spaces for them and setting up games.
  • Speak to your charter coordinator if there are any special considerations for taking pets onboard.
  • Involve your kids in booking a charter itinerary for them and seek their opinion about what excites them.
  • As a parent, you must impress upon your kids that safety is paramount while being in the sea, and they need to listen carefully and abide by the instructions of the crew.

If you’re chartering with your kids, it’s important to choose a yacht with plenty of space and toys for them to enjoy. Hong Kong Yachting has organised many family boat charters, and we can recommend you a yacht with kids friendly itineraries that work best for your family. Our child-friendly crew will be able to offer fun suggestions to your kids such to keep them entertained while being onboard.  

Jungle Jane and Tarzan – the boats that kids love the most.

Our luxury junk boats Jungle Jane and Tarzan come with inflatables and many extras like an inflatable trampoline and bean bags for your kids’ enjoyment. Jungle Jane has a 22-foot wide swimming platform that makes it perfect for your kids to enjoy onboard swimming while being in high seas.

Tarzan is equipped with fusion sound system, an inflatable slide, inflatable trampoline and bean bags. It has large lower and upper decks with plenty of space for your kids to enjoy. You can add inflatable twister to it by paying extra.  

But most importantly and popular for the parents is the HUGE deck pool that both Jungle Jane and Tarzan have which allows for the younger kids to paddle and play in on the deck and is much safer and more fun for them. This allows the parents to watch pool side with a drink and have fun without the worry.

More yacht options for you

We have more junk boat options for you in our other boats – Leona, Parker and Accolade. All these junks come with inflatable slides to let you enjoy some great fun time with your kids in Hong Kong waters. You can even add a speedboat with banana boating and wakeboarding to have some real thrill on the seas.

With plenty of kid friendly features and amenities, our yachts still have a sophisticated décor so that our guests don’t feel as if they’re in a nursery. We understand that parents and adults may want to have some private time together, so we plan kids-specific diversions to leave the adults alone.

To book a family yacht charter in Hong Kong, speak to us and we will come up with the best itinerary for your family charter with kids in Hong Kong waters. We will ensure that you enjoy the most memorable moments with your kids in Hong Kong waters with great food, drinks, entertainment and a lot more.

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