Hong Kong Boating Activities and Water Sports: The Best Adventures in Hong Kong

Simply Amazing:

That is how many people define Hong Kong, and we have to agree with them, because there is a lot to love and enjoy. It is simply phenomenal, and today you are going to discover the most exciting water activities and sports that you can try!

Here at Hong Kong Yachting we want you to live the best time of your life in Hong Kong, and rest assured that these activities will gift you precious memories that will stay with you forever. It will happen, and you will love it.

Now, let’s check what this island can offer you!

Wakeboarding and Banana Boating:

A favorite by many, both adults and children, and Hong Kong is an ideal destination for wakeboarding and banana boating. With many bays for boats to anchor with calm flat waters, wakeboarding and banana boating is the most popular water sport to add onto your boat rental.

You can add a speedboat which includes 4 hours of wakeboarding and banana boating to your junk boat trip for HK$3800.

The conditions are perfect: the currents and surface are calm, the temperature is perfect for getting on the water. The best time to go it is from March to October, because this is when weather is hot and wind is at the lowers levels for an excellent wakeboarding and banana boating.

Inflatable Slide and Inflatable Toys:

Inflatable toys and boat rental in Hong Kong go very well together, because these many boats are equipped with these inflatable extra’s. In fact Hong Kong Yachting actually started this craze and were the first to put these inflatables on their boats in 2014 and every season they add new inflatables to their boats. From inflatable slides, trampolines, twisters, pools (both water pools and deck pools), inflatable canoes, SUP boards, islands and obstacle courses! Hong Kong Yachting offers inflatables on junk boats, cruisers and luxury charter boats so there’s no excuse not to give this a go. Best of all these inflatables come free on some of their boats including Jungle Jane and Tarzan.


One of the newest water sports that is gaining lots of fans, because it is a different and very exciting experience!

You will be flying over the water by wearing a pair of rocket boosters, and then at will, you can dive the water and emerge like a dolphin jumping over the waves. What could be better than this?

Therefore, if you are looking for something different and extreme, then you need to try Flyboarding. This is run from Deep Water Bay and available every day as an add on to your boat charter with Hong Kong Yachting.

Kayaking and Stand Up Paddle Board:

It is another great activity, and it will help you to discover many of the natural beauties that Hong Kong has to offer you. To add a kayak or SUP board to your boat booking, speak to Hong Kong Yachting. The best destination for doing this activity is in the Sai Kung area or Clearwater bay.

Sailing Yacht Charter:

Again, this activity will let you understand why we say that Hong Kong offers you EVERYTHING you can think of, because you do not have to leave this tropical island!

The conditions are perfect: the currents and surface are calm, the temperature is perfect for getting on the water. The best time to go sailing is from September to May, because this is when the wind is at it’s optimal levels and the weather is still pleasant. Unlike the other water sports we recommend doing sailing over winter, although it’s cooler the wind is more exciting for speed. If you prefer to rent a sailing yacht and spend the day swimming as we;; as sailing then choose the warmer months from April-May or Sept-November.

Another tip: if you want to get involved with the sailing then take Local Hero with Hong Kong Yachting’s Canadian captain Ryan and he will allow you to get as involved as you like sailing his beautiful yacht.

Mahjong while floating on a private boat:

Finally, if you are not a fan of getting wet Hong Kong Yachting even have activities for you on board the boats.  For a truly Hong Kong experience, you are going to love this. Add a mahjong table with the full playing set to your boat. This is a very local Hong Kong experience and we encourage those who don’t know how to play to take on the challenge. It’s fun, easy to learn and you could even create a fun drinking game while playing.

Where to go to enjoy the best watersports and food on your boat trip: See our best beaches blog here.

Here are our list of best Hong Kong beaches for watersports:

  • Turtle Cove– canoeing or stand up paddle boarding (SUP)
  • Deep Water Bay– Fly Boarding
  • Repulse Bay or South Bay– Banana boating
  • Clearwater Bay– inflatable slides, trampolines, canoeing
  • Tai Tam- Wakeboarding

Alternatively, you can also stop on land for alfresco or seafood lunch during your boat trip. Here are the best locations for seafood in Hong Kong:

Po Toi Seafood– Hong Kong’s best island seafood. Family run restaurant with the best quality

Lamma Island Seafood- Hong Kong’s most iconic seafood island destination and a close trip from Central or Aberdeen

Cheung Chau Island Seafood– fantastic walks to stretch your legs

Discovery Bay café and bars– western menu’s and many options

Sai Kung Seafood- seafood on the waterfront and adventures in the local town

Stanley waterfront- choose from western, seafood or Chinese restaurants on the Stanley waterfront and take a walk through the famous Stanley markets

Final Words:

There is a lot to do in Hong Kong on boats as you can see. There is a perfect activity for every kind of thrill seeker, and we hope that this post helps you to find it!

Anyways, if you still have doubts and question, don’t hesitate to contact us! Remember to book it in advance, and all you have to do is to contact Hong Kong Yachting.

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