Handy Guide for Hong Kong Yacht Charter

Spending time in the pristine Hong Kong waters on a yacht charter is an experience like no other. Each of the Hong Kong islands has its own personality, so a range of experiences await you. Off the bustling mainland and you can adventure to some of the unspoiled islands, and the smartest way to zigzag between them is chartering a motor boat or sailing yacht.

Day yacht charter is common in Hong Kong but the process may prove to be intimidating especially for those who are new to the world of yacht charters. We have put together some key points below for you that will serve as a handy guide to yacht chartering.  Here we go:

  • Book with a reputable company that will spend time planning your perfect event. Avoid the boat booking platforms with limited customer service.
  • Book your food and drinks with the boat company so that all drinks and food are onboard when you arrive.
  • Create a Facebook Event so that you can manage your guests easily and provide updated information.
  • Choose quality boats. Cheap doesn’t mean bad quality at Hong Kong Yachting. Don’t go on a boat that is unmaintained and ugly.
  • Get payment in advance from your friends so you’re not left with the bill if people pull out at the last minute.
  • A long-standing crew can make all the difference. Ask how many crew are on your charter boat to look after you. On Jungle Jane and Tarzan your boat comes with extra crew including a waitress/waiter and bar tender.
  • Book in advance- Charter yachts are often booked out weeks and months in advance.

Once the availability of your yacht charter is confirmed by your charter planner, you will be required to pay a 50% deposit to secure the boat. This is industry standard for all companies. Once you pay the booking amount, your yacht charter will be officially confirmed. Your charter planner will work hand-in-hand with your Captain to create a perfect itinerary to suit your taste, interest and preferences. They should tweak the things until it’s completely perfect and brief the crew about all your choices.

Use the crew’s knowledge

Generally, crew keep an eye on the guests but if you don’t see anyone around when you are about to launch for a swim, please find someone and let them know your plan. Your crew will be aware of the ocean currents and weather warnings that you may not be aware of. They also are familiar with the best beach for the day’s conditions, so just ask them and don’t go to a beach that is going to be rough or polluted. Conditions change daily, so please use their knowledge for a safe trip.

There are still laws at sea

Some guests might think that sailing away to the high seas gives them a carte blanche to enjoy the activities that are considered illegal on the mainland. But this is not true at all. If the activity is illegal, the crew won’t allow you to continue it onboard your yacht.

Try a sailing yacht instead of a motor yacht. Enjoy sailing without engine noise

Our sailing yachts allow you to feel the sea breeze in a way that a motorboat can’t. You will experience the tranquility of sailing without the noisy engine sound of a motorboat. We will maximize your time in the waters of Hong Kong by providing an authentic sailing experience to cherish for a lifetime.

Booking your yacht charter

We have over 50 yachts available for a wide range of budgets and requirements so whether you’re organizing a yacht charter for 5 or 150 people we have a boat to suit you.

If you want to have adventurous sailing with family and friends, you may want to charter Saba Wave catamaran for a day long sailing to various Hong Kong islands or for a harbour cruise in the evening. You can get involved in sailing on Local Hero racer cruiser for as little or as much as you want. You can sail the yacht to experience great seafood on a Hong Kong Island such as Po Toi or Lamma Island.

On board our luxury yachts in Hong Kong waters with all the time in the world and not a single worry, loads of facilities, relaxation time and plenty of unplugged adventures, you will be wanting more of such blissful moments on Hong Kong’s waters that won’t end.  

Contact Hong Kong Yachting to book your yacht charter for a memorable exploration of Hong Kong waters.

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