5 Tips For Yacht Charter With Kids in Hong Kong

Hong Kong offers families a myriad of options for things to do with kids, however nothing matches the privacy, flexibility and fun you will get with a family yacht charter.

A family yacht charter can combine shared family time, five-star service on a crewed charter yacht, watersports, state-of-the-art onboard entertainment systems, island hopping, swimming and a chance for relaxation for adults.

Not all charter yachts are designed for families or are ‘child-friendly’ and more often than not customizing the yacht charter is not an option, therefore it is advisable to speak to professional charter experts such as the charter brokers at Hong Kong Yachting who can ensure our knowledge matches your family to a yacht that fits your needs and budget.

If you’re considering choosing a yacht charter for your next family outing here are 5 Tips to help you plan a memorable boat trip:

1, Preparation is key

Involve your children in the process by talking about the yacht charter – where you will go, things you may see, how things are different than being on land. If you have time (and are willing) show them the boat options.

Talk with them in advance so they know what to expect about safety on board, moving around the yacht, being at sea and out-of-bounds areas.

Chat to them about technology and navigation and how they must ask for permission first before pushing buttons. It’s ideal if your kids can swim as most of the activities will be based around water. Don’t forget essentials such as non-slip shoes, UV-protective swim clothing, water bottles, hats and sun cream!

2, Safety is paramount

Taking children on board a moving vessel may seem impossible to many parents, however it is achievable and it’s natural to feel trepidation about safety when this is the biggest consideration, regardless of the size of your charter yacht. Many charter yachts are not custom designed for families so don’t hesitate to ask about safety features such, netting, appropriate height fences or options to move furniture to create safe play spaces.

3, Consult with your yacht charter broker about kid-friendly itineraries

Hong Kong Yachting can provide ideas for flexible yacht charter itineraries based on what your family enjoys.

Perhaps your family likes swimming, wakeboarding, banana boating and visiting beaches? Do you want to include a stop at one of Hong Kong’s islands for a seafood lunch or dinner ashore?

Hong Kong is a great family yacht charter destination – some of our suggestions for family activities with close proximity to Hong Kong harbor are:

  • Lamma Island
  • Repulse Bay
  • Discovery Bay
  • Stanley

4, Crew can make the difference

Speak with your yacht charter broker about choosing a charter yacht with crew that are motivated about engaging with children. Bear in mind though that crew are not permanent babysitters so consider bringing along a nanny or helper if you have babies or toddlers.

Many of Hong Kong Yachting’s waitresses have brilliant suggestions for child-friendly games such as treasure hunts, and deckhands may involve kids with putting out water toys or teaching them basic nautical knots.

You may find your charter yacht can hold themed parties that may appeal to young mariners such as Pirate party, Superheroes or Carnival. All of these things can contribute to a memorable yacht charter for your family and can only serve to enhance your experience.

5, On board toys and entertainment

A yacht charter with Hong Kong Yachting gives children the opportunity to use state-of-the-art entertainment. Make sure your kids are aware they must treat all equipment with respect. If you have younger kids, ask Hong Kong Yachting about the huge deck pool on Jungle Jane or Tarzan. This allows for the kids to swim and paddle in the safety of the boat deck while you watch close by.

They can also enjoy a smorgasbord of toys such as inflatables, wakeboards, banana boat, paddleboards and water slides. Not to mention the fun they’ll have jumping off the swim deck or side of the boat!

Check if the charter yacht supplies child-size equipment to avoid disappointment from your little ones who may be keen to try a sport but realise they are too small for the equipment, and verify there are child-size lifejackets available.

For more information on family yacht charter please contact Hong Kong Yachting at sales@hongkongyachting.com

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